012 - Character quotes

"Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon."
Полистал тут цитаты персонажей 012. Особо меня интересовали character specific, то есть фразы, которые персонаж говорит перед боем с определенным оппонентом. Некоторые из них меня удивили/позабавили/еще-что-нибудь. Приведу примеры самых интересных.
Warrior of Light - Jecht
This is not a game!
...не правда.

Onion Knight - The Emperor
How about you try fighting fair for once?

Onion Knight - Onion Knight
Did I have a twin brother?

Onion Knight - Kain
Can you catch birds with that jump?
Не пробуйте представлять этого.

Onion Knight - Kefka
You have such sad eyes...
Я не знаю почему, но я тут засмеялся.

Onion Knight - Tifa Lockhhart
Are you gonna fight in that?

Cecil Harvey - Prishe
Do you need something to eat?
Что, простите?

Bartz Klauser - Cloud of Darkness
So, do you feed those snakes?
Кстати да, мне тоже интересно.

Bartz Klauser - Kain
No ambushing up in the clouds, okay?

Bartz Klauser - Golbez
You're gonna get a headache, thinking too much.

Bartz Klauser - Sephiroth
Aren't you afraid of that sword breaking?
И снова "кстати да".

Squall Leonhart - Onion Knight
What an annoying brat.
Я уверен, они оба так думают.

Squall Leonhart - Kain
You're either my enemy, or you're not.
Никаких предательств во время моей смены! (с)

Squall Leonhart - Golbez
Oh geez, another lecture?
Учитывая что они со Скволлом почти не говорили, я так понимаю все "лекции" остались где-то за кадром.

Squall Leonhart - Kefka
This guy's insane.
...капитан, капитан, улыбнитесь...

Squall Leonhart - Cloud Strife
Talk is pointless for the both of us.
Они нашли друг друга!

Squall Leonhart - Tifa Lockhart
I have no interest in being lectured.
То есть Тифа тоже принимала участие в "лекциях"?

Squall Leonhart - Laguna Loire
This guy's like a bad dream.

Zidane Tribal - Garland
I'm tired of your song and dance!!!
Объясните мне это?

Zidane Tribal - Cloud of Darkness
You sure are impressive, in more ways than one.

Zidane Tribal - Kain
How long can you keep up the cool-guy act?

Zidane Tribal - Golbez
I think you're a good brother, old man.
Old man?

Jecht - Garland
So the vet's alive and kickin'.

Jecht - Onion Knight
Geez, babysitting?
Да, снова.

Jecht - Golbez
We both got our problems, huh?
- Я вас понимаю
- Нет не понимаете
- Прекрасно понимаю...

Jecht - Shantotto
Oops, thought you was a ball.
Я представил это...

Shantotto - Onion Knight
I think I'll take my onions fried.

Shantotto - Cecil Harvey
I suggest you find another job.

Shantotto - Exdeath
Your defeat is unaVOIDable.

Shantotto - Kefka
You want ruin and rage? You've come to the right mage.

Shantotto - Squall Leonhart
Once a student, always a student.

Garland - Cloud Strife
That weak blade can not cut me!
Они бы еще померялись у кого больше, ага.

Terra Branford - Jecht
You're like a big teddy bear.
Вообще, один в один.

Kefka - Cecil Harvey
I hate half-baked cookies like you!

Kefka - Kain
Well, look who it is, the traitor.
Еще один капитан?

Kefka - Golbez
The older one's half-baked too!

Kefka - Cloud Strife
Mistaked tight-lipped for being cool?

Kefka - Squall Leonhart
You are sure talkative... in your head.

Kefka - Laguna Loire
Would you look at this clown?
Даже Кефка так считает!

Kefka - Ultimecia
Using time to get rid of those wrinkles?

Kefka - Zidane Tribal
Gimme back my heart, please?
Oh wow.

Cloud Strife - Cloud Strife
Not you again.

Ultimecia - Tifa Lockhart
What an awful Tomboy.

Kuja - Jecht
I can't stand hot and sweaty people.
Какая жаль.

Tidus - Kuja
Aren't you cold in that get-up?
Дооо, кто бы говорил.

Gabranth - Kain
Another traitor stands before me...

Gilgamesh - Kefka
Kefka Papala... It's too long!

Gilgamesh - Yuna
Huh, I wouldn't mind being summoned by you!
Я тоже.

Gilgamesh - Lightning
Stop staring or I'm gonna fall for ya!

Gilgamesh - Chaos
Hehe. Oh look! I have more arms than you.

Tifa Lockhart - Cloud of Darkness
I don't need two cloudy skies!

Tifa Lockhart - Bartz Klauser
Hey, could you try giving HIM some of your pep?

Tifa Lockhart - Zidane Tribal
What are you staring at? Focus!
Ну вы поняли.

Laguna Loire - Onion Knight
Time to play with Uncle Laguna!

Laguna Loire - Cloud of Darkness
Oh no. Not good. Focus, Laguna.

Prishe - Laguna Loire
Here's a guy who's not scared to look stupid!

Vaan - Cloud of Darkness
You wanna borrow a shirt or something?

Vaan - Kefka
Wow! The circus is in town?

А теперь Ваан-комбо:

Vaan - Ultimecia
So, how old ARE you?

Vaan - Shantotto
How... old are you?

Vaan - Prishe
Hey Prishe... how old are you?

Lightning - Warrior of Light
Great, now I'm fighting fairy tales.

Lightning - Squall Leonhart
Time for your lesson, schoolboy.

2011-05-10 в 09:54 

Having been
Once a student, always a student.
Некоторые школоло бывшими не бывают XDD

I can't stand hot and sweaty people.
... he thinks Ject is hot?

2011-05-10 в 09:59 

"Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon."
. he thinks Ject is hot?
Well he IS hot, in more ways than one.

Некоторые школоло бывшими не бывают XDD
А бедный Скволл так пытался выглядеть крутым...

2011-05-10 в 10:34 

Having been
- Эй, ты, школоло!
- Один раз - не школоло...
- Один раз школоло - всегда школоло!


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